Hello, my name is David E. Scholten from Burlington, Ontario and I have been a professional performer and a teacher for the past 25 years.
I have been actively performing since the age of 11 primarily as jazz pianist over the last decade of my career but since I was classically trained in Europe, I have been primarily performing classical and pop music in the first decade of my career.

In my early 20’s, after I have acquired a degree in classical performance, my interest in contemporary music and jazz in particular has grown which led me to acquire my second bachelor’s and master’s degrees in jazz composition and performance.
I’ve also been a teacher since the age of sixteen, initially only teaching classical and pop music, and I’ve been teaching all styles since my late teens including classical, pop, blues, jazz and international music.
I currently also teach singing lessons, guitar lessons and piano lessons.
About the Website
I have decided to put this website together in an attempt to supply my readers who share my passion for music with the latest and most relevant insiders information from a credible source on topics such as the general music education, instrument choices, the latest instrument reviews as well as specific interests such as piano lessons, drum lessons, vocal lessons, guitar lessons and much more.
Besides my primary interest in music I also love life, people, traveling, sports, outdoors and learning and experiencing life at its fullest in general.
Having said that, I would like to invite all my readers to share not only music related topics and topics we have in common but all topics that you are generally passionate about.


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